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This artist exists on Spotify but duplicated into two account

This artist exists on Spotify but duplicated into two account



South Korea


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These are same artist but Spotify give us with different accounts.

I really want to see it gets combined into one.

But Spotify customer service is really unfriendly about this and I really have no Idea where should I tell about this.


What should I do?

They are really famous artist in Korea and they haven't been treated well technically on the app like this and this make **bleep** me off.




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Hey, how's it going? Welcome to our community! All artists need an aggregator to publish songs on Spotify and at the first moment of a release, the artist ID is created on Spotify and whenever the artist publishes a new song or album, they need to pass this ID to the aggregator so that the songs be published on the same profile. The possibility of this artist being in two profiles must be because at the time of publication a new ID was generated, in which case only the artist, record label or publisher can ask the aggregator responsible for the publication to combine the two profiles. I hope I managed to explain it well. A big hug and a great week!

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