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This artist should be added to everywhere Jack Johnson is...

This artist should be added to everywhere Jack Johnson is...

So I live in Utah and there is a local musician here named Kalai who has played on Jay Leno and has had EVERY opportunity to go big but for some reason chose not to. Please help me get this guy the publicity he deserves whether he likes it or not. He's already on spotify and some of his most popular tracks (that SHOULD be added to every chill music list) are:

1. Ease into me.

2. On my mind.

3. Indian man..

4. Fish hook.

5. Patience lies.

6. Never genuine.

7. She.

And lots more.

Seriously, Kalai doesn't know me and I benefit nothing from this except maybe getting this guy to make more music if he happens to get tons of noteriaty. This dude is the most talented guitar player/singer I've ever seen, and puts on the best concerts if I've ever been to.  Please,  whomever it is at spotify that adds people to playlists, this guy is a solid artist who merits being added to popular chill acoustic playlists more than most, so give him a chance!

Thank you.

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PS: I'm not a huge fan of his two latest albums but Kalai IS extremely talented.

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