#ThrowbackThursday all 90s, all day by spotify


#ThrowbackThursday all 90s, all day by spotify


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I'm new so forgive me if there's a simple answer.  Last week I was listening to the playlist mentioned in the subject line.  I planned at some point of saving a majority of the songs to a playlist of my own but at one point it just transformed to an 80's playlist.  I've tried a few times to find the 90's version but have been unsuccessful.  Is there a way to find it?  The playlist was created by spotify,



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Re: #ThrowbackThursday all 90s, all day by spotify

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I did a quick search for Throwback Thursday, and looked under playlists and this playlist below was all I could find in the playlist description about the focus being music from the 90's and being made by Spotify, would this be the playlist maybe?:



The tough thing about these playlists is they are created for each listening region by Spotify Content teams, so finding the correct playlist you had access to or a backup a user might have made is going to be tough, and these playlists change often too. So save the songs you like into your own playlist as soon as you listen through the playlists.


Helps when trying to find a backup playlist a user made to provide your listening region, and maybe a few songs on the playlist you remember.