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Too many ed Sheeran songs in charts

Too many ed Sheeran songs in charts

Really? 16 songs of ed sheeran in top 50??? Can they please remove them and leave .. one?!!
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I do think that the Top Global 50 and even say the United States Top 50 playlists are all based on top play counts for those track listings. Now the Viral 50 playlists seems to be based on other criteria for pulling songs into the curated playlist, this one here is the United States Viral 50:



Here is the Global Viral 50 below, which seems to only have a couple of Ed Sheeran tracks currently:


I would just love not to see his face in the BROWSE lander. I want to browse music I LIKE, i don't want to be force fed manure. 


But really, to be constructive, shouldn't the BROWSE landing appear or be more akin to say what your DISCOVERY and RELEASE RADAR playlist look like? If i don't listen to top 40 then why am i always reminded of it? Maybe it's how the service lines their pockets from the big labels but I for one don't like the approach. 

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