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Undo censorship on album “The Way of the Fist” by Five Finger Death Punch

Undo censorship on album “The Way of the Fist” by Five Finger Death Punch

Yesterday, much to my dismay, I found out that the Album “The Way of the Fist” by Five Finger Death Punch had been fully replaced with the censored version.

I know I didn’t accidentally choose the censored version of the album, as it has been added to my collection several years ago when I first started using Spotify (premium), and I was playing the album from my collection, not through the search feature.

All tracks on said album with swearing in them are still marked as explicit, too.


I get that not everyone is happy with swearing in music, but at least give us a choice in the matter!


As for me, I like their music raw and uncensored.

18 Replies

Im having the same issue, its absolute**bleep** that with no warning it was decided that were not allowed to listen to music as it was intended. Not happy...

AusChris1998 exactly!

I get people can get upset with explicit content, but replacing an existing album with a censored version is just messed up.

Why not give your costumers the choice between explicit or censored instead?


I feel kinda **bleep** over because I’ve been a premium user for 3.5 years now, if not longer.

this is the first time I’ve been dissatisfied with the service, and in the end it’s us, the costumers, who pay the bills...

I know your feeling guys, the first time that happened just thought that was my head messing with me but when I played the full album I was horrified with this lack of common sense just editing the album without a single warning or placing a album without the censor... Now I have to listen to one of my favorite albums of my favorite band with a stupid bleep interrupting and destroying the songs...

 Seriously so irritating, just a huge turn off for absolutely no reason (especially if you have both version of the tracks which they obviously do).

And the new policy is already being mishandled...why am I not surprised?

New policy? If that means they’ll censor more in the future, I’m switching
over to another service. It pains me to say that, as I’ve been very happy
with the service up until now... But as a paying costumer for 3.5+ years I
feel like it’s my right to get the music that I love, the way I love it.

Surely there are better methods, like parental lock.
If a parent doesn’t want their child to listen to uncensored music, the
least they should do is be more involved by enabling a feature like that
and securing it with a pin or passcode only they would know.

Don’t just replace entire albums because you get complaints from angry
parents who haven’t done a thing to protect their kids themselves.

I just did a ticket to the Spotify support team and they said that the content team will see this problem and will try to solve, may take a feel weeks to get back to normal...

I’m happy to know I’m not alone in this, and I hope LouizMouriseth’s ticket will help undoing this censorship, meanwhile, I’ve got And Justice for None to listen to!

Who else is listening to it?

I have been let down in the same matter as you.

Have you heard back from them yet? I checked the album 2 days ago, but it’s just not the same anymore...

Totally agree with getting a warning on music being censored that is very annoying that happened, even though some may not agree with explicit music content it still adds character to music.

I love five finger death punch, and seeing Spotify just bastardise way of the fist makes me annoyed.


Like i use credit card which requires me to be 18 years so you'd think that i have already heard these "bad" words.


Besides there are much worse songs on Spotify like "i lit your baby on fire" so it's not about "thinking the kids" 

I don’t know that song (and I don’t think I want to, to be honest), but yeah, given that there are still people replying to this thread (which means a lot to me) I can tell Spotify simply doesn’t care...


We haven’t even been given a proper explanation as to why the album’s been replaced with the “clean” version.


Is it because they switched labels? Is it because of complaints from? Is it all just a mistake nobody bothered to correct?


I would love to hear from Spotify so we at least have an explanation.

Listening to White Knuckles right now from the windows desktop version of Spotify, it seems that Spotify has corrected the issue... checked it on my phone just now to be sure it’s not platform specific, and luckily it is not!

Thank you to whoever took care of it! But I speak for all of us if I ask you to please make sure it doesn’t happen again.



Spotify forced a re-download today and it’s censored again with (clean) in the album title and no explicit. Over the summer break I’m switching to Apple Music. Spotify has forced the re-download of a censored version twice now with no warning and have removed the explicit version of one of my favourite albums entirely. I don’t pay them £9.99 per month for them to screw around when I can pay Apple the same amount and not have music randomly censored with zero communication. 

Just contacted them on twitter. Let’s see how long it takes them to give feedback and undo it... again.


spotify, I urge you to stop messing with the knucklehead community because we will switch services.


undo the censorship and make it permanent this time


Within 2 hours I recieved a response from SpottifyCares on twitter.

turns out they are not responsible. They have forwarded my (our) complaint to the party responsible, now let’s all hope they will be sensible enough to right their wrongs.


The power of social media! Thanks for the update.

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