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Basically I have a 10s video track of Billie Eilish in my 2021 top-songs that i don't recognize and that I can't delete. It's Eilish saying thank you, but I don't want it there. 

I really despise having to listen to something that I can't get out of an otherwise great playlist. How can I get rid of this track? 

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I second this request to get the option to delete or even deactivate these thank you videos. 
Whoever implemented this feature without a delete / deactivate option should think of getting another job. 

I third the request to have an option to delete it. It's such an unnecessary thing to have on my list.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for posting about this on the Community!

We understand that certain short "Thank you" video entries by artists have found their place in your Wrapped Top 100 Songs playlists. This is possible, due to the fact that all media entries that were actively being streamed by you in the prior year are taken into consideration and so they might find their way in your yearly Wrapped experience.


We also get that you folks suggest to be able to edit the final Wrapped Top 100 playlist, and this was also suggested here in the past - however the Idea didn't acquire the votes to be implemented. Please note that even if a suggestion didn't gather enough votes in order to get prioritized and it was marked as Closed, you can still add your vote and comments there and we'll look into it once the idea picks up speed and reaches the required amount of votes.


One other workaround, that we can suggest right now is creating a new personal playlist (the easiest way is via the desktop app), where you can copy and paste all of the songs you whish to keep from Your Wrapped 2021 and omit the ones you dislike. On this way your new playlist will be even better curated by yourself and also it'll be fully customizable like the rest you have.

Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Kiril Moderator
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Hi Kiril, thank you for your reply albeit there are some things that I still don't understand.


You say that "... all media entries that were actively being streamed by you in the prior year are taken into consideration... " I'm pretty sure that I did not listen to that thank you video and even if I did, that it was not nearly enough to justify a place in that list. So again I don't know why it's even there if not for advertisement reasons.


The second thing is the possibility to edit the final playlist. I can disable every song in that playlist except for this one video and I can't see the reason for that.


I figured the proposed workaround will work fine though.

Another person who should think of getting a new job. The video entries made their way into our playlists because at least one song of that artist made its way into our playlist. They are literally 'Thank you' videos to thank us for having listened to their music.

I'm trying to delete a unwanted playlist can u tell me how to do so please and

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