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Upload response "Something went wrong and we couldn’t post your Canvas.".

Upload response "Something went wrong and we couldn’t post your Canvas.".

Im trying to upload a short video to canvas - format, length, size etc. all correct with no error messages. It allows me progress to T&C's, I agree and push the CTA 'Post'

Next thing this same error message comes up "Something went wrong and we couldn’t post your Canvas.".

No resolve = Dead End.

I've tried on two different (Mac) computers but still no go. I cant try the artists app cos the format required is MP4 and iPhones throw this format into Files app, not the photo roll = more ball-ache.

Is it me? or is it Spotify?

Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 14.46.29.png
3 Replies

I just had this problem too. Same thing, no matter what I did, it wouldn't post. I tried changing the format a million times, used a private window, used a regular window, tried no audio, etc. Nothing. I ended up airdropping it from my Mac to my iPhone, then used the app to upload it and it worked? At least I think it did, for now. Not sure why that is.

Yeah. It must be a code glitch.
I tired again today and for some unknown reason it worked - same files, same formats etc.

I have the same issue , i suppose is server related? 

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