Use excisting original beat/instrumental for rap album


Use excisting original beat/instrumental for rap album


Dear people,


I’m quite new in te world of publishing music. Recently I just finished my album. But for the intro of my album I’ve used an excisting beat/instrumental. It’s a dj kinda beat without vocals. It has about two million vieuws on youtube, but the original beat is not on spotify. It’s recognizable in Shazam. 


My question is: If I upload my album will this intro also come trough and be listenable/visable on spotify? Or will spotify immediately refuse the upload of this intro song ?  


I would like to know how this works.


Thanks in advance!

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Gig Goer

As long as the music isnt stolen, im sure there shouldnt be a problem with it being uploaded. But if the music isn't yours, I don't think you will be able to publish it as your own due to copy right laws.