Versions of Mr. Brightside - The Killers

Versions of Mr. Brightside - The Killers


After some time dedicated to troubleshooting this, I'm coming up empty-handed. Hopefully someone can figure it out! 


Before I elaborate on the issue, I've verified multiple times that I'm selecting the exact same "Mr. Brightside" to play on my iPhone and on my laptop. 


The problem:

When I play Mr. Brightside on Spotify on my laptop, it plays a version with much higher gain that sounds a lot more 'raw' (if that makes sense) - more akin to the original demo version/first recording of Mr. Brightside. This is what it sounds like:


However, when I play it on my iPhone Spotify app, the version that is being played sounds similar to the professional studio recording on the album Hot Fuss, like this:


I've tested this on multiple audio outputs (various speakers I have at home, my car speakers, headphones, etc.) and I can hear the difference all across the board.

I've saved and removed the song from my "Songs" list under "Your Music" multiple times to verify that I am in fact selecting the same song, yet, it's different on my iPhone and laptop.


Any ideas? If I haven't been clear, just let me know! It's a little complicated to explain in written form, and I'd be happy to re-phrase or explain it in another way. 

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This might help-The is song listed 3 times-


on Hot Fuss:



on Direct Hits from Hot Fuss:



and again on Direct Hits there's the original demo version:




Thank you, I did actually check the other versions, however, I'm still
curious as to why the exact same link would play two different versions for
my laptop and iPhone.
It seems no matter which link (of the studio version) I follow I get a
different version on my laptop than on my iPhone.



Well, a simple restart of my computer fixed the discrepancy issue. 

No idea why it was happening, but it's fixed now!

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