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I made a playlist of songs from games that give that throwback in us, makes nostalgia beat stronger and want to play those classics again if you lived the 90's! Hope you enjoy :)

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Gig Goer

Hey! I made a playlist out of all FIFA soundtracks from FIFA 14 to FIFA 18. Feel free to follow my user and my playlist and let me know so that I can go follow you back asap

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Here's one for Super Nintendo fans. This was one of the best games, and is still great. I hope ya'll enjoy it as much I do. I have in my c.d. player for diving. I also have it added to my local files and downloaded in Spotify.


Making existance more like life - A Driving Playlist - Found Here: - Donate or refer a friend (or refer yourself, using alternate e-mail address) to download Mp3s from site - Show Unplayable Songs in settings- Add to local files.

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This thread is 6 years old but I'm happy to share a video game playlist I've put together.


I wanted to find game soundtracks that were relaxing and good for sleep or concentrating. I've written about each album on . Enjoy!

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My profile has multiple playlists for different publishers/developers, franchises, composers and more of any Video Game soundtrack I can find on Spotify even in different regions. So some playlists will not show certain songs due to region locks unless Spotify changes that.