WHY do you keep removing songs???


Re: WHY do you keep removing songs???

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I wish they would have some type of alert. My cable tv tells me when certain channels are changing or going away.

Re: WHY do you keep removing songs???

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This is my only regret... i feel so sorry for my deleted 500 gb of mp3 archive at the first day of premium spotify purchase....

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Re: WHY do you keep removing songs???


Listen, Spotify are going to have to make it possible in some options screen to upload an album we've bought as per the advice here without needing any particular wifi specifications or PC local folde. I just went looking for a track I actually did have in a playlist, I'm kind of annoyed it's not there, I understand the sensitivity of artist and publisher materials, or the fact that things change names and whatever might happen. But now, Spotify are basically telling us, we don't really care if you're paying 9.99 per month, look at all the music you've got in your library and crying about one song, maybe you need to learn gratitude, well, it's not about gratitude really, it's about having what you paid for. Now since you can't honor your agreement even if it's 0.000X% of the library that's fine missing, can the developers add an option in there for upload music? The player is still valuable to me as yes, there are many other songs still on it.

That would be nice.


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Re: WHY do you keep removing songs???

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Taylor Swift was not the first to sound the alarm bells.


Tool have still refused to put their music on spotify, apple music, etc to this day and haven’t caved like her.


speaking of them, because of this I have pirated all their albums (all 4) but it is justified because I’m also buying their stuff on vinyl. I own one of their albums and another is being shipped atm. 


Spotify is dodgy with songs being added and deleted, so illegal downloading is an easy alternative. I only do it when I already own or will own an album in hard copy, because then I am still supporting them for their work. 


It’s wrong to steal music, but not if you have also paid 45 bucks for it in another format.