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[Web Player] Discover Weekly playlist spam

[Web Player] Discover Weekly playlist spam

Instead of the Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly", I am getting this playlist which is not the official one. Besides the fact that this is spamming my playlist, this is also interfering with smart devices integration, because when I say "Play Discover Weekly on Spotify", this playlist will be played, instead of the official one....

Please prevent creating playlists with the same name as the official ones and allow me to block/remove/report this kind of playlists from the app.

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Hey there @user-removed,


Thank you for posting on the Community. 


In order to access the correct Discover Weekly playlist, in the app head to Search > Made For You > Discover Weekly. Then make sure to save the playlist to your library, this way you won't miss the official one. 


After doing this, try again with the voice commands. If you need you can switch them up a bit saying "Play Discover Weekly from my library" and such.


Let us know how this goes. 

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"Play Discover Weekly from my library" still played that spam playlist, which I didn't even save! The only "Discover Weekly"playlist saved is the official one!

Hi there @user-removed,


Thanks for the reply.


Can you clarify what device this is happening on?


Also, let us know if you can log in with a different account and try to voice play the Discover Weekly there, and whether or not you get the same result.



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I'm experiencing the same behavior serbanpaun describes and it's absolutely maddening. When using voice commands, I'm consistently getting that compilation album instead of the Spotify-generated playlist. 


Some debugging notes:

  • I have the Spotify-generated "Discover Weekly" playlist saved to my library.
  • I have not saved the "Discovery Weekly" album to my library, nor did I ever seek it out before this started happening. I unwittingly listened to the first few songs of the album the first time Spotify served them up instead of the playlist because I didn't realize it was playing the wrong thing. Perhaps this sealed my fate and set my Spotify algorithm down this truly dark path. 
  • I've gone to the album and "hidden" all of the songs in an attempt to keep them from playing. This has not stopped the album from playing when I use voice.
  • When I say "voice commands", I'm referring to Google Assistant with various Google devices (behavior persists on a Pixel 3a, Pixel 5, Google Mini and Google Nest Hub)
  • I've tried every voice command I can think of to trigger the playlist instead of the album but I get the album every time (ex. "play my playlist called discover weekly", "play my discover weekly playlist", "play my saved playlist called discovery weekly", etc will all result in the album).
  • I've been using the same voice commands on the same devices to trigger my playlist without issue for years. This is new behavior in the past few months.
  • I've asked a couple friends to test this and have found that the behavior is happening to some, but not others. It's also not 100% repro for each individual account. Some have gotten the album on some attempts and the playlist on other attempts. A fresh account seems to work fine. That said, my account consistently plays the album every time. 


Is it possible to scrub this album out of my listening history? Flag it to never-ever play? Rename the Spotify generated discovery weekly playlist with something more unique?


I feel no ill-will towards the artists (naming an album "Discover Weekly" is pretty brilliant, tbh) but I truly never want to hear that album again. 

Hey folks,


Thanks for the info 🙂


We went ahead and reported the Discover Weekly album to the right team for further investigation on the matter.


The Community is here for you if there's anything else!



Ver Moderator
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As I have already suggested... It might be a good idea to prevent naming playlists with the same name as the official Spotify-generated playlists.

Any updates? I'm having the same issue.

Nothing changed. The bogus playlist is still spamming my ears. It still appears as a suggested playlist, still plays from voice commands etc...

At least give us the option of removing the playlist from history so that it doesn't get included in the suggestion algorithm.

Hi folks,


Thanks for the posts.


We've been informed that the right teams from Spotify and Google are working on this.


We don't have an official timeline for a fix, as this is something that involves a third-party service.


We'll let you know here as soon as we have more info 🙂

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Glad to hear this. Hopefully, this thread will not die, but remain open until you will come up with a solution.

Been experiencing this issue for quite a while, randomly plays this exactspam on my and a friend's devices using Google home. Please remove this spam album!

I’m having exactly same issue, which is very annoying especially when requesting the Discover Weekly playback by voice commands on Google Home. Preventing Spotify-generated playlist names from being reused seems like a reasonable idea. 

(I've created this account for the sole purpose of reporting this. This is how annoying it is ;))

Now that's new! I can no longer play the Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist on any of my devices, PC, Windows app etc...

Same issue.  All of my mixes play non-official mixes.   Ask it to "play my daily mix 1" I get a random various artists called "Daily Mix"  At least give me the option to block playlists/Albums I don't want to hear

wrong daily mix.PNG


So adding one more thing to the collection of Spotify weird things and mysteries.....


Discover Weekly playlist (from Spotify) is now available under  instead of,  as it was before.... 

Ha! This playlist seems to be full with rap music like Lil' something, G-whatever and other guys with golden teeth and chains on their neck... 🙂 My ears bleed!

Please fix this, I'm encountering this in December 2021 and it's ridiculous we can't block a playlist/album or report this from the app. Here's the link to the spam playlist that shows up for me:

Hi Alex, any word on this?

Please fix the problem! it is not fair to your customers who pay for a subscription to the Spotify service!
Eliminate Disconfer weekly Spam! And stop people calling their public plylists Discover Weekly!

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