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[Web Player] Is lil skies banned from Spotify?

[Web Player] Is lil skies banned from Spotify?

Ok so I usually play Spotify computer and I have some lil skies song in my playlists but whenever it’s supposed to start then it just skips them? I click on them and they won’t play? Same with all the lil skies song unless he’s featured but if it’s his song it won’t play. I’m just wondering if there was something that changed between Spotify and lil skies and u can’t play his songs anymore or if it’s something wrong with my account. This happens on both my laptop and my iPhone 

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I think he is banned in your country because here in The Netherlands i can still listen to his music everyday.


Every country can make his own choices if they don't want music from a artist like in dubai it's forbidden to use bad language, the music will fate out when the word comes and get on after it when i whas there.


I hope this makes it more clear.






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