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What happened to relevant playlists on the Home page in desktop app?

What happened to relevant playlists on the Home page in desktop app?

The first carousel of playlists in the Home section used to show dynamic relevant/current playlists that would change throughout the day and week. Where did it go? Now it's just recently played stuff. This feels terribly un-dynamic compared to Apple Music.


For example, if it was Thursday it would show Throwback Thursday, or morning time would show a Morning Commute playlist, or around Christmas time it would show holiday playlists, or if an artist passed away it would show a playlist of theirs, etc. 


There's no curated suggestions or anything like that anymore? Can anyone confirm?


3 Replies

My homepage looks the same!! It shows my recently played and heavy rotations, but when I scroll down a little I still see reccomendations for new music, radios, charts etc. I think a recent update may have just changed the order of the homepage, but not necessarily removed any of the features. 

me too!!!
I really need that "time relevant" play list!!

Has anyone found an awnser to this? Loved that feature to find new playlists/songs.

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