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What is happening Spotify ? Why are you late on releases ?

What is happening Spotify ? Why are you late on releases ?


This monday, Gary Clark JR released an album. It was available on

Then, yesterday evening, Jay Rock released his album. It is available...on Itunes and Apple Music. But not on Spotify.
What is happening ?

After the Dre exclusivity, are you hurt ? Compton exclusivity was supposed to end, but it didn't.

I posted a question here about Spotify Now being not available in Belgium (and in multiple other countries) and no one answered it. But, Deezer's got the exact same service working right now everywhere.

So, again, Spotify, what's happening ?
Talk to us. Don't be afraid. Lay down, and talk. You need it, I need it, we all do. Just talk.

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I know, It is really annoying people stops answering questions. I posted a question about my account, like 30 people read it but no one answered. It's making me really mad since it's a community website.

Well, yes.

And I posted on a thread about spotify being slow on startup. This thread is like more than a year old.
No Spotify's officials answered it.



Spotify cannot control what labels or artists do with their music. Sometimes they are under exclusives on another platform (aka. Compton), sometimes they are under regional control (aka. AKB48), sometimes artists don't want to release their songs on Spotify (aka. Taylor Swift) or sometimes labels don't want to release songs on Spotify or on other platforms (aka. The Beatles). 


Sometimes Spotify is forced (by other music labels) to release songs late, sustaining the digital music market.


Whatever it is, Spotify can't do anything involving labels not wanting to release their songs or releasing their songs later than the release date.


Take the iniative and contact your artist's label!




I can speak to you in English, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本, 普通话, 廣東話, 한국어, Tiếng Việt

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?
I'm not a Spotify official! Just here to help!

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