When will HiFi make its return?


When will HiFi make its return?

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I switched from Spotify to Apple Music due to Apple Music having better sound quality overall (256kbps AAC) vs Spotify Premium (320kbps Ogg Vorbis).

I can't lie, Apple Music sounds pretty good, but I miss Spotify for the music selection there, and the social interactions and features on Spotify. I want to come back, but the sound quality is just the main selling point for me. I've tried TIDAL, and that's actually pretty incredible, since it has lossless audio quality and that's, well that's what I'm looking for. 


If Spotify made the switch to HiFi audio (even if I have to pay £20 monthly) I'd switch in a heartbeat. No questions asked.


Please Spotify, please give us HiFi audio, it'll bring an entire new category of people to Spotify, and an extra bonus - if you gave us the ability to listen to HiFi audio in Tesla [Europe & North America, if it ever comes to NA] then Spotify would've won.


Spotify won, if they did this.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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