Where Is My Mind by Sunday Girl Gone?


Where Is My Mind by Sunday Girl Gone?



Since I found Where is my mind by Sunday Girl 2 years ago or so I fell in love with it but recently I went to search it on the app and it’s vasished. I’m both devastated and curious with what happened with it? Has I been taken down complitely? All Sunday girls stuff is also gone while Whinnie Williams is still there. Someone please help me out because I’d really hate to loose such an amazing song. Thanks M

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Hey @marcie2017!


Thanks for posting to the community 🙂 It sounds as though, as you said, that the music was removed from the Spotify library. Changes like this happen all the time, and can sometimes be temporary.


Music is often removed, or not added in the first place due to:

  • Licensing issues
  • Changes in labels or distributors
  • Music ownership changes


I hope you understand and sorry for the inconvenience!