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Where and how to report defect songs?

Where and how to report defect songs?



I recently came across some songs with defects.

I tried to contact Spotify support but without any effect.


Anybody know where and how to report defect songs?





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You might try the information in this post here:


Fixing trouble songs takes awhile as Spotify has to forward the information to the labels, and/or the companies that provided the content to the Spotify service, and those services have to update the content on the artist pages themselves.


Can you post those tracks you are having issues with so another user can verify what is going on, also sometimes the cache files with the Spotify apps gets corrupted and removing the cache files can clear some of these issues up. So post the links to some of those trouble songs here if you can.

Thanks for the reply.

Here are the songs:

Noise at 2:23-2:30, 2:43

Every 16 seconds a voice is layed over saying something like "media demo"







I have played both those songs.





The first track above does not seem to have any unusual noises for me and the track seems to play just fine without any issues, although I am playing this track from a US account. 




The second song above, you are correct does seem to have an issue with that weird voice coming in throughout the track, also the track you posted has a play length of 2:20 which is not correct anyway, but this track is from the Deluxe version of Empires Never Last. The regular release of Empires Never Last has the correct track and play length which is 7:15 and without any play issues here: 



What you can do in the meantime while this is getting fixed is use the correctly playing track from the standard release of Empires Never Last in place of the faulty track that is available from the Deluxe version of Empires Never Last. Just make a new playlist of the Deluxe version of the release and remove the bad song from that new album playlist, and then just drag and drop the correctly playing track from the standard release from above in the correct play position in the new playlist you created.


As for the first song with "noise" in the playback of track you have, can you post what device, OS and also Spotify app version that is being used? Also a simple log out of the Spotify app and back into the Spotify app might help here, or at the most a clean reinstall of the app should clean up the corrupted files. Just make sure if this is on a desktop for the Spotify app to also remove any Spotify folders left over from the uninstall process, and then reinstall cleanly again of the Spotify app.

Thanks for this information.  I also need to report a song.









I see what it might be now after using a different lookup tool, there are four different versions of the release of Night (Remastered Editon) which has the problem song with you, the release has available 4 versions for different listening regions. What is your listening region? This could be one of those issues where the upload of that release available to you might have that sound issue in the song, where the version available to me does not have that sound issue. You can go ahead and submit that song information with my earlier post about submitting track information not playing correctly. 

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