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Where are the women on the Spotify country music playlists?

Where are the women on the Spotify country music playlists?

Spotify's Hot Country playlist has 3 songs by women--3 out of 51. Seems dreadful until you realize that Country Gold has ONE song by a woman, out of 51, but SIX by Florida Georgia Line alone. I wish Spotify would address this--how are songs chosen for these playlists and why are women being shut out? While it is shameful how few songs by women are played on country radio, there are currently many more singles out by female artists that would be right at home on these playlists.


I have flipped back and forth between the paid tier of Spotify and Apple Music but honestly this issue is a dealbreaker for me with Spotify, even though I prefer Spotify's pop and work out playlists to Apple's. The representation of women is certainly a big issue in country music with a lot of causes but it's terrible to see Spotify discriminate against women in the genre more than even terrestrial radio.

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WOW I always thought girls ruled the charts of Country.


Now that I've released some Country Blues my new album all I'm hearing is you sound like Johnny Cash. I usually say he never sung so low. Plus I did more time than him.




I was actually looking for a good country female to do a couple of duets with, too bad Spotify isn't giving them their due. I love songs by female country singer. Especially the old ones. Classic country that was.

Rex Luciferius the lead singer of Rex Luciferius

I thought it was just country playlists.  I knew read that there is an issue with many country music stations that they do not play women.  Providence RI station has a good mix.  (102.5.)  All male stations don't have enough variety and the music sounds too alike. To hear women at all you are forced to go to all women's stations.


 Spotify, , does this with more forms of music than just country.  I can listen to a gender blend in pop all over the radio, but I just searched for one on Spotify and had trouble finding one.  They are not there.  I will never subscribe a service that omits women.  I have to rethink if I will listen to the service at all.

I was unclear.  I have looked for women country singers on Spotify many times.  They aren't there.  I know it is an issue within country music.  But they also have a problem with women in pop, also.  I can not find a mix.  I will likely go to Pandora.

I expect spotify to be better than US 99.5 at treating women artists like the tomato in the salad.


How is anything going to change if the newest/different/most technologically advanced/hopefully less sexist service doesn't **bleep** change??!   MORE WOMEN NOW.   

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