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Where did the Christian playlist go?

Where did the Christian playlist go?

Pretty disappointed Spotify deleted the Christian playlist. Please bring it back I thoroughly enjoyed the Christian music and I'm sure a number of other listeners did too.


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I am quite disheartened it has been deleted- I listened to it everyday - I can still find playlists if search 'Christian' and luckily I saved my favourite one but would be so much easier to have a playlist with them all there.
Please bring it back!

I had this same issue but now it's back. Not sure what's changed. I restarted my computer and now the Christian genre is back - between "Reggae" and "Word". I forgot to check if it was there before I restarted but it's there now.

I've deleted and reinstalled Spotify on my phone and it's still not showing?? Is it just on computers/laptops? I didn't know there was a difference??

Hi there, 


It looks like Spotify has a few Christian playlists, including Praise & Worship, Blessings, Top Christian tracks, and more. If you scroll down to Christian under the genres tab you will be able to find these playlists on any platform.

Here are a few Christian playlists that I listen to daily -

First is some indie alternative chill pop type music-

Next is some rock music - hard and alternative mix -

Followed by some chill instrumental hip hop beats for studying or background music -

Lastly, some Americana / folk type music to spice up any camping or river trips you might be going on!

Hope you find something you enjoy!
Soli Deo Gloria!

If you're looking for some great music check out this playlist:

It has alot of genres in it, varying from pop to rock to folk.


I try to add lots of tracks weekly, mostly stuff that I really like and that I can play at home or when with friends. Maybe it is something for you.

Hello! Spotify does indeed still have a Christian playlist. They even have a genre for it. All you must do is go to your browse icon (if you are using the mobile app) and just scroll down till you find the Christian genre icon. Hope this helped. 

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