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Where did the playlist "Microtherapy" go?

Where did the playlist "Microtherapy" go?

 This was my absolute favorite late night and early morning playlist. Rolled over in bed this morning to turn it on and it's gone. WTH? 😞

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I agree, it didn't load a couple days ago, now it is completely gone

It seems this playlist has been removed. It is a total shame, it was my favorite playlist!


If I had known it would be removed, I would have saved a recent version of it.


Any idea why Spotify removed it? Did maybe anyone save the individual songs and could then recreate the playlist?

I don't know what to say, just bring it back! 

Here is a copy of the playlist (might not be fully up-to-date):

I forgot that I had the songs on download, so ya that playlist should be up to date, every song is downloaded for me. Thank you!

Yassssssssssss thank you guys

Same, one of my favorites, I love how it has been curated and changed over the years. I´ve been listening to it since back when it was chill.out.brain. So 😞 I want it back too

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