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Where is Pink Guy?

Where is Pink Guy?

Where has Pink Guy gone?

It seems Spotify has hidden away the genious work of Pink Guy.
But why?? Am i not allowed to listen to what i want? Is Spotify telling me what i can listen to and what not? Everything that is not up to your glory standards get banned?! Thanks for spreading freedom, censorship really helps that case.


I hope Kim Jong-Un is proud of you, you nailed it.

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Hey there @hansreudisamuel,


When an album or song isn't added, or is removed, or made available only in certain regions, it's almost always the choice of the artist or label - spotify wants people to enjoy an expanding library of over 30 million tracks but individual copyright decisions aren't theirs to make.


Here's what you can do to get that added:


Hope that helps! ^_^

If you are in America like me, Pink Guy is on Spotify, it's just that Spotify has removed him, his album, and all song titles by him from search results, for gods only know what reason. I konw you are not asking for my opinion, but it's **bleep**ed up.

Nice bull**bleep** lie, matt. We all know it was because it was hurting ed sheerans numbers you **bleep**ing shill. 

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