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Where's the new Libertines album ?!?!?!?!!?!?

Where's the new Libertines album ?!?!?!?!!?!?

It was released in the UK on 9/4 and the US today. So where is it ?!?!?



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Might you be speaking about this new release by The Libertines called Anthems for Doomed Youth? This wiki page might help: the information there, says it does not get released until September the 11th. Until then, do you access to this single off the new release currently?


Keep an eye out for Friday the 11th for Spotify's Friday New Release day, if the release is going to be available for streaming the release should show up sometime after midnight from your listening time zone. Do give the release some time to populate to your server location, up to an hour after midnight it is best to wait and sometimes even past 2:00 am is when new stuff starts dropping and being accessible to listen to. I myself am awaiting a couple of new releases by some artists as well on Friday to drop, so I can easily check back on for this release for you from my listening region to see if it dropped for me to.


Does anyone know when the new libertines album will be on Spotify 


I've been patiently waiting for this for months, and now I I have to wait longer 






I have moved you post to this thread, as I had already covered the question here in this thread post already. So keep an eye out around New Music Friday's on the 11th of September, according to the artist wiki page it is set to be released on September the 11th, so if it is going to be on streaming services it should be apart of Spotify's New Music Friday's, and along with the rest of the other new releases dropped this Friday.

Hope so

thank you



Everyone the new The Libertines release of Anthems for Doomed Youth has dropped now, check you local areas after 2:00 am:


The Standard 12 Track Release: Label: Virgin EMI a division of Universal Music Operations Limited: This release is available to these listening regions from the label information currently:

<territories>CA MX US</territories>
Seems this release is a North American version release, so check other listening regions based on label distribution information in your listening and/or purchasing area.


There is also a 16 Track Deluxe Version currently available in the same listening regions, another North America version only release, again check your own listening regions due to label distribution from the artist:




I will try and post back about label distribution information in this thread, but that part takes some time to dig up due to the convultued mess that is the recording industry with regards to recording labels and with regards to copyrights, and everything that goes with Music and/or movies as well.



Here is a listing of labels under the Universal Music Group and/or Universal Music Operations, so if the release is going to be available is other listening markets it should show up under one the labels listed from here:


That is as much as I can do without a BA degree in Business with an emphasis on the music business and distribution habits of music corporations of today.

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