Why am I seeing an old song on my release radar?

Why am I seeing an old song on my release radar?


Chance's '5 Year Plan' off of 'The Big Day' popped up on my Release Radar today. This song came out over 6 months ago and I even listened to the full album (unfortunately) once through when it came out.


How is this song popping up on my Release Radar now? All the other songs seem much more recent and are at least from 2020. Is there a trick artists can play to get their old songs on Release Radar or is this a bug?

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Good question, although I wouldn't call 'old' something released 6 months ago.


Sometimes songs are released as singles, and could end up as 'new release'. Other times, I've seen songs from re-released albums popup in my Release Radar too, which I wouldn't call 'new'. 🙂

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I don't think something 6 months old should pop up in 'Release Radar'. Usually these songs are extremely new releases, within days or weeks. I constantly listen to all the new releases in my release radar and expect this playlist to update when there are NEW releases, not albums I've already listened through.

To my knowledge this isn't a "re-released album" as the posting date remains July 26, 2019 and all the songs were released on this date. Maybe this forum is the wrong place to post a bug of this variety.


Hey @sabard,


We appreciate your concern about this.


If there are recommendations in your Release Radar which you think aren't quite right, make sure to use the 'Hide this song' button. This will help Spotify make more accurate recommendations going forward.


If you continue to see song recommendations in your Release Radar which you think do not belong there, let us know and we'll see what we can suggest next.




Hey @peter,


Following up on this issue with old songs popping up in Release Radar. I looked this up because it happens every week for me. It shows me releases that came out weeks prior and that I already downloaded...and it just clutters up the playlist, making it much more of a process trying to find the actual new releases.


I take a thorough look through the release radar playlist every week and another thing I've noticed is that it will show me a new release for the first time but the song/album actually came out the week before. Like, Spotify isn't able to keep up with the new releases? I like to share about new releases the day of their release and I expect the release radar to feature new releases of the week from all the artists I follow. Unfortunately, it seems to miss at least one new release every week, even though I follow the artist!


And when you click 'Hide this song' it gives you two options. You either don't like the song or you don't like the artist. What about, this song was featured last week?


So, in conclusion, two big things that Spotify needs to fix with Release Radar:

1. Only feature music that was released that week. Stop holding onto songs/artists that were already featured.

2. Feature EVERY followed artist with new music that week on the playlist. 


Hope this is all clear. Thanks for taking the time to read this.




I am getting 2 months old extended mixes of songs already in my liked songs. I had at least three such extended mixes in this week’s release radar.

I am getting the same songs that from a week ago in this week's release radar. It's happening almost every week.

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