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Why does my radio on Spotify play mostly the same songs I used to listen to whatever Music i play?

Why does my radio on Spotify play mostly the same songs I used to listen to whatever Music i play?

It doesn’t matter what I play - pop, rock, hard rock, prog rock or whatever, Spotify chooses to play a bunch of songs that I used to have in some of my playlists. I grew tired of them and removed them - for a reason!

I just read a definition on Spotify radio where it describes it as "Spotify radio is a feature that creates a playlist based on any song, album, playlist or artist you select.”.
I couldn’t have disagreed more. To me it seems like Spotify plays tunes based on the music I used to listen to.
If i play hard rock - they show up, if I play progressive rock - they show up. It wasn’t like this before! Is it anything I can do?? All i want is to discover new Music! Please help🙏

See attachment:  This is from the radio function, all the songs marked with a red line are songs I both have enjoyed listening to and still are. Aren’t the radio supposed to show me NEW music??

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Hey @hhlf 


To be fairly honest, I have had similar troubles with Spotify Radio, especially when I also look for new music. The percentage of known tunes is smaller on completely new-to-me artists, huge on artists I listen to more often. It's pretty alright if you want uninterrupted music flow, but not that great for new discoveries. I feel discovery is not its main function.


My own music discovery methods don't use Radio at all. Instead I'm using a site called which has playlists based on genres. It's also algorithmic like everything else on Spotify  - the site's made by one of Spotify's data alchemists.  But it won't play the same known artists.

Look for a genre you like. Click on the arrow on it, and above the cloud of artists you'll see a handful of links. I use Playlist and sometimes Edge. The Playlist is a huge one (way above 100 tracks) doing a pretty good job representing the genre, it will have well-known names as well as some new things. Edge will be the opposite, consisting of mostly very subterranean acts.


Also, I recommend looking for artist profiles, they may have playlists of their own favourites.

My favourite however is being in a large community of music lovers who regularly hold communally built playlists / listening parties.


I hope this will offer the help you need, have a lovely day 🙂

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Thank you for the answer! I will check it out!

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