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Why has Chris Corners songs suddenly disappeared?


Why has Chris Corners songs suddenly disappeared?

I had a playlist with the songs of the movie Sky Fighters (original title Les Chevaliers du Ciel) and now suddently almost all songs from the main composer are gone.


Only one, who has its name speld incorrectly is still there.


What happen?


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Update: the songs are back!


Still no idea what happened...

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7 Replies

Me too. But all my songs disappeared from "Your Songs" But I still have them downloaded and when I searched the song that I've saved jt showed that I have saved the song

Mine were saved but I cant listen to them, even the ones downloaded offline

Definitely something IAMX related happeing, got a fright earlier when I searched and found only the North Star single on the IAMX page untill I realised there was actully two of them, the other one is still there just fine at the moment. Perhaps the label in question is been touched up or something to that effect?

I have contacted the record label directly.


They have responded asking about what exact songs are missing. 


I am waiting for their reply now.

I sent them the list of songs that were missing.


I never heard from them again.


Maybe they got attacked by a bear and are now skeletons in the woods ... the world may never know.


For future reference, this playlist contains a good chunk of the missing songs : Les Chavaliers du Ciel

Marked as solution

Update: the songs are back!


Still no idea what happened...

They are missing again since few months, I hope the will be up very soon

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