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Why no real Garth Brooks Songs?


Why no real Garth Brooks Songs?

I'd really love to be able to access Garth Brooks ..... 😕

32 Replies

  1. IT$ A GARTH BROOK$ I$$UE NOT A SPOTIFY I$$UE !!!!! If you get my drift $$$?????

This is awesome and I will be doing so. I have been a spotify customer for 2yrs this Aug. I love the app, but in doing my research, garth has given only amazon music rights, as well as, amazon apparently has approx 10million more titles to offer. I love you spotify, but I want the most bang for my buck and personally asking ME to go talk to a singers label is kind of ridiculous. That's y'alls job to keep customers. I'm a nurse and I dont tell you to take care of yourself when your in the hospital. That's what I get paid to do. 🙂

If the artist you don't like isn't available- it's because THEY choose not to share their music. Garth has been very public about this. 

If Garth wants me to listen to his albums in their entirety then he needs to only record good songs. Unfortunately they're not all good. I have all his albums so I'm not worried about it but that's a silly thing for him to say. Even though I own all of his albums, I still skip the crappy songs.

Let me put it this way for you: both as an artist myself, a producer, and as someone who has put their own albums up there. Yes, for the most part it has everything to do with Garth Brooks' wishes to do as he desires with his music. I can't say I blame him. Also, it's up to the record company and publisher as well. Everyone needs a part of those royalties. Some of those songs he sings are songs he's helped co-write on so he gets part of those songwriting royalties. The more an artist puts into their career, the more they want out of it (such as control and licensing). So, overall, Garth Brooks' deal with Amazon is his deal; sorry that Spotify can't make a deal with Garth Brooks. Pearsonally, if it was made possible I'd go ahead and get his full albums anyway as that's the right thing to do rather than download "only" the songs I care for, but that's my preference.


The preference of the artist, in this case Garth Brooks, it's really up to him. 

Try search Brooks Jefferson it’s not him but sure does sound like him 👍

Yes, that's him. Some of his songs are also under The Country Gentlemen. I don't know how this works, but it's his songs.

You can't possibly believe that's actually him. I'll say he's close, but anyone that's listened to more than a few of Garth's actual songs could tell you it's not

And why don't you ask him instead since it's Spotify job and not ours?

Yeah. During my free trial I had a spontaneous desire to listen to the king of country, but every single song I listened to was a BS cover. Irritated me to no end.

that is tue he is the cloeset thing you will get to listing to garth. sorry for the bad  spelling lol

Some of his catalogue IS on Spotify.

You’re a Garth Brooks expert, and yet you don’t know “Brooks Jefferson” is a stage name alias of his, which was originally coined by his mother? Google is your friend…. Same person.

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