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Wrapped 2021 Missing Artist and Songs

Wrapped 2021 Missing Artist and Songs




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I noticed on my Wrapped 2021 that an album and artist were completely missing from my top songs, despite the fact I am certain I listened to them far more than other songs and artists on my list. The artist is Laura Mvula and my wrap up and playlist is missing many of the songs from her album, Pink Noise. 

When looking at third party tools that look at listening trends over 6 months, she is the second most listened to artist, which is why it's confusing artists who I didn't start listening to until late this year showed up on the Wrapped list and not her. 

Has anyone else had this happen? Is there a way to regenerate this list? 

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Hey there @goodprovider,


Thanks for the post!


The rankings for Top Artists and Songs are based on a combination of the number of plays and the unique number of days you listened to them:

  • The top 5 songs and top 5 artists are based on playcount
  • The ranking of the top 100 songs playlist is initially sorted by playcount, but after track 10, we apply some artist separation so it's not a direct reflection of playcount

The rankings are generated based on what the Spotify algorithm was able to gather on your listening activity. The list cannot be regenerated.


Hope you find this info helpful. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.


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Your explanation makes sense but I am still baffled as to how none of the songs by this artist were in my top 100. This seems like a legitimate mistake by the algorithm and process that creates this playlist.

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