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Wrong Genre in Recommended songs

Wrong Genre in Recommended songs

I do some work for a metal band and when I create a playlist of their music, the recommended songs are all hip hop, not at all related to the band or metal in general. Even if I refresh.

Does this mean something was wrong on submission, maybe with the meta data? I don't mind the recommended songs being wrong genre, my main concern is that this metal artist's songs will not show up on metal listeners Recommended Songs. This is a new band and getting exposure thru Recommended Songs is key for them.

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i totally get what you're saying. i have a couple k-pop playlists myself and the recommendations i've gotten for it are totally weird. like german songs, what i'm going to assume is edm or brand new releases from upcoming artists, and none of it is what's actually in the playlist. my only suggestion is to just refresh for a while until you see something more like what's in the playlist. unfortunately i haven't found a way to fix it yet.

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