Wrong album on 'latest release' on a band.

Wrong album on 'latest release' on a band.

EDIT: my links are not working properly so just search  'UFO' on Spotify and check this for yourself 🙂

So, I've been a UFO fan since I was a child 🙂
A great Brittish heavey metal band formed by Phil Mogg, Mick Bolton, Pete Way & Andy Parker back in 1969.

However on their band page on Spotify
you can see latest release from 2018 (that's wrong)

Some modern "dance"-band with the same name gets there singles listed here. I've seen this before, but forgot about it until now when a nes single is listed.
Is this the place to report this kinda stuff?

ALSO scrolling down on the group page (to singles, EP and compilationson) you can spot several albums that should NOT be affiliated with the UFO (the classic British Heavy Metal band) but instead this remix/dance band with the "poor taste" of having the same name.

Just click and listen and you will see what albums are correct and what albums are not.

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Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out to the community.


Adding this help guide on "Fix tracks or albums".

Check it out and follow the steps to notify support on any wrong or broken content.


Hope this helps 😃

You have to ask this to the people in the band / the people that uploaded the album. Only these people can change it

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