Wrong artist's songs attributed to my name


Wrong artist's songs attributed to my name

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Is there a way to control which artists are attributed to your music?  When I do a search for my name Dave King, different Dave Kings show up in the search and when I click on my name underneath my album covers it takes me to another Dave King's music.  Grrrr...


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Re: Wrong artist's songs attributed to my name

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Which Spotify app is this happening with? I seem to only find one Dave King under Artists, when doing an artist name search using the Spotify desktop app.

A quick log out and back from the Spotify apps sometimes fixes odd issues like this, have you tried that first?
Can you post a few releases that are yours? So the Spotify mobs and Rock Stars can see what the issue might be with regards to your music released on the Spotify service.
Also for artists on the community here it is worth reading over this FAQ posted: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Content-Questions/Musicians-on-Spotify-Your-FAQS-Answered/td-p/1559...