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Wrong tracks in Kylie Minogue's album "X"

Wrong tracks in Kylie Minogue's album "X"

The song "sensitized"

and "wow"

in Kylie's album"x"


are  both live version, which are incorrect, please upload the album version!

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Just to double check, have you done a quick log out and log back into which ever Spotify apps you where using when this happened? Sometimes the cache files for the apps can get corrupted and loggin out and back in can help to refresh the app caches again. In extreme cases a clean reinstall of the Spotify app can fix odd playback issues. The reason I post this as I played both tracks, and they sound like the studio versions to me. Sensitized does sound like it has a sort of live show clap feel throughout the song, and the song does have a slight live show intro feel at the very beginning of the song but there is no live audience noise at the end of the song as it fades, so I do not think the song is a live version and the next song link you posted of Wow sounds like a fully recorded studio track. There are though live versions of Wow on the artist page on several live releases over the years, might be somehow the Spotify app is mixing these up for you somehow on playback, do you happen to have these tracks in a playlist that you created or a playlist you might be following of another Spotify user, both the studio versions and maybe any live versions of the song Wow?


I am just not familiar enough with this artist's work to be sure on the very first track you posted a link to. Maybe another Rock Star can check both songs out for you and see if they notice what might be happening for you?


Also what is your listening region? As I ended up with the U.S. release, so this could be a case of different regional releases and one release has issues and the version I played currently does not have any playback issues.


Hello JAY,


Thank you for replying me, I realized that it may be because Spotify mixed up the tracks with my local files...

I tried the web version and app version on my phone, they are all right, only the pc version were wrong...

Maybe I should  reinstall  my spotify on pc 





Or you can just moving the slider toggle to your local file sources to off temporarily in the desktop app settings options, so the Spotify service track plays instead?

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