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Wrongly related artists

Wrongly related artists

I have a question concerning my artist profile and its related artists:

It happened in the past, that my profile ( ) was wrongly connected with an artist with a similar name but different writing. I was informing Spotify and they separated the two profiles. Everything seemed to be sorted and my profile looked good again.


The problems restarted in summer this year. Suddenly, my artist profile was connected with artists from totally different genres. It happened from one day to another and I found out that there must have been a breakdown at spotify. Anyway, the related artists are not at all related to my profile.


Even worse, they make my audience not feel good. I already received plenty of requests from my audience why my profile would be connected with those artists.

This connection is absolutely limiting me. My social media exposure is completely chaotic due to this connection and am literally losing possibility of exposure!


I am aware that Spotify can reset the artist connection and I kindly ask here to help with this matter.

Thank you, A

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