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Some of his older Tracks have been uploaded by people such as On Froy. My question is if the Time played goes to X or On Froy since the songs appear in Disabled Albums such as Free X. 


Also if I add a song locally. Since I called the artist "XXXTENTACION". 

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Hey there @SmaxY,

thanks for posting in the community !


First i have to say, i absolutly love XXXTENTACION.

Secondly, i have to be honest.

I'm here to help and try answer you questions but having a hard time understanding what you mean exactly.


It'll be great if you'd try to explain it again so i could help 😃

There are old tracks of him not uploaded by him but people who just used free services to uploads them. Some of them are found in albums form X that have been deleted. Such as “FreeX” and “21XXX”. While they are shown as songs by the uploader from them eg. On Froy. But are shown as XXXTentacion in the album. So if I stream the song that is uploaded by On Froy and artist is registered as On Froy, but the music is still found in X’s album who gets the replays and hours Listened.

And what if I uploaded a song to local files. If the Artist and song writer is XXXTentacion does he get the hours aswell? It’s a complicated question and there is no quick and easy answer but I’d still like to know if the Actual artist gets what he deserves.

Hey there @SmaxY,

thanks for answering!


Local Files are a separate feature in the Spotify app.

The files are checked for their legality and approved to be synced with your Spotify app.

They aren't counted as plays or listenters of the artist you personaly uploaded.


In addition, if you want more info on the "Local Files" feature you can read about it here.


Have a great day 😃 

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