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Yesterday, suddenly only Turkish music Recommendations???

Yesterday, suddenly only Turkish music Recommendations???



Premium Duo

Country USA



Iphone 12 Pro 

Operating System

iOS 15.4.1

My Question or Issue

Suddenly, yesterday, one of my playlists only recommends Turkish albums/singers.  It is a country music playlist of all USA artists that I've been listening to and building for a couple years.  154 songs total.  Never had anything weird like this. Not one American artist is on the Recommendation list now.  None of my other playlists are doing this.  I logged out of all devices; deleted my apps; disconnected all apps; changed my password; customer service reset my account; I created a new private playlist and dragged all those (american) songs to it - and when I got done - all Turkish recommendations again.  I did this 3 times - all new playlists did it.  I just convinced my wife & kids to go to Spotify because of it's awesome algorithms.  Now I look like a fool.  


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Hey @sporte77,


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Could you check this page and perform the steps proposed there, so we can exclude the possibility of your account being compromised?


Are you by any chance using a VPN connection to access the internet? If so, we recommend turning it off.


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First, I made some empty playlists with labels that said very bad & intimidating things to hackers.  Then, I started a private listening session.  Then, I would select “don’t play this artist” to about a dozen Turkish artists.  Then I started listening to the music I wanted to listen to.

 Then I copied all my playlists over the Apple Music and restarted my subscription with them.
After about 24 hours- the Turkish music went away.

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