Zombie Ghost Train Has No Tracks?


Zombie Ghost Train Has No Tracks?


Zombie Ghost Train is on spotify, but none of their tracks show up. Does anyone know why? Why would they still show up if their stuff was taken off? 

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Re: Zombie Ghost Train Has No Tracks?

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Hey @Greasehound


The reason is that the artist or their music label has likely decided to remove their music from Spotify.

The availability of music on Spotify is up to the artist and their music label.

Spotify wants all the world's music, and they're working hard on making this happen for you. However sometimes agreements can't be reached with the artist or label or a change may happen in music ownership. Sometimes the music is only available in certain countries, while access is blocked to others. Sometimes the album or song will be unavailable temporary, and come back again later.

You can find out more information here