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audiobooks are no music!

audiobooks are no music!

until today I do not understand why Spotify treat audiobooks like music.

Several of my personal playlist, i.e. "On Repeat" contains (not removable) audiobooks chapter!? Thats weird and annoying.

Spotify, please create an own section für audiobooks with podcasts.

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A separate section for audiobooks is most definitely needed. Putting audiobooks in with music is not a sensible decision and it makes the audiobooks that Spotify do carry hard to find.


I didn't even know Spotify carried audiobooks until I stumbled across some while browsing. So if audiobooks are something that Spotify feel is a good addition to their streaming service then they should at least make it easier for people to find them by putting them together in one section.

I listened to an audio book on spotify which the author had listed as an “album” so the book was broken down in small chunks (like 4 mins). The book was 8hrs long. This has completely corrupted my stats, and there’s no way I’m going to get them out of my top spots. 

How do I remove these songs from my Spotify history/stats, I’m literally desperate ahh 










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Hey everyone,

We've merged your posts in one place as they seem to be focused on a similar topic.


We appreciate all your feedback on your experiences with audio tracks that are actually not music but parts of audiobook content and you discover them within the Spotify app. As such content gets uploaded by creators, sometimes situations like this might occur. For now we can advise you to always use the Private listening option when you explore such episodes and shows and do not wish the algorithm to include it to your profile's preferences. 

Going forward, we'd like to refer you to the Idea Exchange in the Community for any further feedback you might have, where you can either vote for an existing idea or you can
submit your own. The Community team is actively bringing your feedback to the internal teams at Spotify - check how here. We’ve put together some existing ideas which we think are relevant to your feedback:

Please note that even if a suggestion didn't gather enough votes in order to get prioritized right now, or it was marked as "Case Closed"  you can still add your vote and comments there and we'll look into it once the idea reaches the required amount of votes.



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