find new music based on liked artists

find new music based on liked artists

New to Spotify and looking to find music and new artists I'm not yet familiar with, but based on the artists I say I do like, should find interesting.


For example, if I like U2 and Coldplay then I want to be suggested something like Snow Patrol and similar artists. But when I get offered Radiohead, I want to block that artist. If I do, will that feed back into the algorithm or is that kept separate (i.e. the algorithms only work from what you've said you like, not what you've blocked).


Similarly, if I like Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Snoop I'd like to get 50 Cent suggested, but if I get Drake or Kanye then I want to block and hope that's fed back into the algorithm.

I've heard about the Discover tab but I'm not looking to browse all new releases, I really don't want to be having to listen to (and block) the teen-pop songs and mumble-rap stuff.

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Apparently this video:
is wrong when it says that in the 3-dots menu for an artist you have the option to block or not-allow them. I don't see that.


OK, never mind. I see that still exists. It's way better for what I'm looking for. It seems to have been designed for discovering new artists based on what you like, whereas spotify seems to be for playing the artists you like. Neither is right or wrong, but seems to be what I need.

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