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how to see only followed artist in my Artist page

how to see only followed artist in my Artist page



I'm Spotify unser (PC and Android softwares). 
When i go to my artist page, i can see the artists i follow, that's ok for me, but i can see some others artists just because I like one song from them.
Is there a way to see only the followed artists ?

Thx very much 🙂

1 Reply

hello!! thank you for reaching out!


i'm not entirely sure about what you're asking, but if i understood correctly you are trying to look at the list of artists whom you follow? if so, after going to your profile you should see something like this below your profile picture:Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 7.43.51 PM.png

under overview it basically shows the artists that you have recently listened to which might explain why you are seeing artists you don't follow – it might because you've just listened to them recently. as you can see, there's a "following" tab too – there, only the artists you follow will be listed. if you are asking if only the artists you follow can be displayed on your "overview" tab, then the answer is unfortunately no! it all depends on who've you listened to recently.


i hope this helps & if you need more clarification please feel free to ask more/shoot me a message!

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