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just want to say Thank You


just want to say Thank You


I didn’t know where to post this but hopefully I’m in the right place. I have Stage 3 cancer and I’ve done my radiation and surgery and I’m currently on my 2nd cycle of chemo with 10 more to go (it’s every 2weeks). I signed up for the free account and it got me through so many sleepless, painful and uncomfortable nights using Spotify to calm me down and sleep, although the ads wake me up sometimes, I got used to it. I just wanna thank you Spotify, specially the Peaceful Piano station . Keep it up. I’ve signed up for the free trial as of today and so far I’m very happy and I will probably sign up for the Family Plan so I can share and give back to my love ones who are taking care of me to defeat this. My son loves Spotify by the way and he was the one who told me to try it. He has his own premium account. Love you guys and THANK YOU.

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Re: just want to say Thank You

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Hello erjek! 🙂 Welcome to the Spotify Community and thank you for your thoughtful post.
I can't fully imagine what you must be experiencing and I wish you all the best in your continued fight!
I do know myself that music has an amazing power to bring healing and solace when nothing else can, so I am very glad you have found something that supports you too.
It's always the one thing I can count on that's there for me and always will be.
I hope you are given the physical healing that you deserve so you can continue to enjoy all the best things in life ~ Music and Love and Every Single Moment. - Bethany