lost song; gone from sleepify


lost song; gone from sleepify

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If I posted this in wrong section I’m terribly sorry I got lost ;___;


I remember listening to really nice song I would like to find now but I actually do not remember much of it now. I know it used to be on Sleepify playlist and it had autumn or leaves in title or maybe in the cover art. The main sound was like a synthesizer.

So my question is:

Is there a way to get deleted songs from sleepify playlist or actually find some outdated copy of that playlist? Or maybe someone knows the title of song I’m looking for which I do not really believe because I gave almost 0 information.


Have a nice day!:)

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Re: lost song; gone from sleepify


The idea I have is to look through your recently played section on Spotify.

I hope you find the song!