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missing song but album available (Paganini Violin Concertos Nos 3 & 4)

missing song but album available (Paganini Violin Concertos Nos 3 & 4)



Premium Family




Dell Optiplex, Google Pixel, Apple iPad Pro

Operating System

iOS 15, Android 13, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I have this album in my list of liked albums that I use to play once in a while. It was complete as far as I remember, but now the first song is greyed out and missing / unavailable. Is there any reason for this?



Paganini: Violin Conertos Nos 3 & 4



Niccolò Paganini

Salvatore Accardo

London Philarmonic Orchestra



1975, 1988



Deutsche Gramophon GmBH, Berlin


2 Replies

Hey @tifyfer,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding this.


This type of issue is usually related to the availability of the track on our platform. Keep in mind that the content we have varies over time and between countries depending on permissions from the artists and rights holders. We'd love to have all the music and podcasts in the world on our platform, and hopefully, that could be a reality someday.


But stay tuned, because we add new content every day, so if you can't find something right now, it may reappear soon.


Hope this helps. If anything else comes up, the Community will be here.



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Thanks @OscarDC for the dry and completely unhelpful response. It would be nice if you could try to avoid copying and pasting pre-formatted responses. I do understand that content varies over time and that this has to do with permissions from artists and rights holders. That is obvious. Have you tried reading my post first? The permissions and rights holder is the same for all songs in this album. Why is it just the first song that is missing, greyed out and cannot be played? Is this really a permissions issue? It seems likely that this is a technical issue instead.


Why not let spotify respond, or raise this to spotify to investigate? Is there really a chance of this happening? Really this community platform sucks, it just seems to be a means to block legitimate subscribers to report issues and reach out for legitimate help and support. Having moderators that respond as if they were defending and protecting spotify instead of being interested in finding out and fixing problems does not seem to be a good way to build a community. 


Good luck with your platform and fake community. 

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