my recently played is full of weird stuff?


Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?

That's it right there. I don't know why Spotify won't acknowledge this.
Disconnect FB and manually delete the songs and artists.

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


I'm having a similar problem where unfamiliar music is playing after a podcast I listen to. I listen to this podcast with the sleep timer set to end of episode. When I wake and look at my phone I find that an album by "Zryorc" is next in the queue. I have never heard of Zyrorc before I had this issue and now it's in my heavy rotation and is causing Spotify to recomend indie playlists, which I have no interest in. If someone knows what's going on I would like my recomended music to make sense again.

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?

Go to your library and check the artist page. Unfollow the added artists.
Do the same with playlist.
I don't know why Spotify isn't addressing this. Someone is scamming money
from them.

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?

Community Manager
Community Manager

We take the artificial manipulation of streaming activity on our service extremely seriously. Spotify has multiple detection measures in place monitoring consumption on the service to detect, investigate and deal with such activity. We are continuing to invest heavily in refining those processes and improving methods of detection and removal, and reducing the impact of this unacceptable activity on legitimate creators, rights holders and our users


If you have reason to believe someone's gained access to your account, we recommend you check out this article and follow the steps.

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


this sounds crazy :0

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


@user-removed wrote:

Not actually related, but still something weird happens:

Spotify confirms several mysterious, non-existent artists racked up thousands of listens on hijacked playlists

That article seems to talk about the exact problem I've been having (and apparently lots of you too), except that the artists are different.

Currently, what I have on my recently played that I've never heard of and are very fishy are the following artists:




They're all very similar and look very fake. They also have about the same number of monthly listeners and song plays, and they have 0 to 3 followers each. And all the songs in each album have the same duration.


I just wish Spotify would do something about it and, in the meantime, I wish they would give us the right to DELETE such artists from our history. It's clearly a problem and it's clearly affecting a lot of people (at least 8000, if you consider the monthly listeners on these fake ones I've mentioned).


URIs of the fishy albums that appeared to me out of nowhere:






There's also these 2 songs that keep appearing to me (they're not on the screenshot though as they at least come from actual artists):



Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


I also have that problem, and the only thing support made was delete my account and now even my premium subscription is gone.

Now, 2 minutes after they gave back access to my account (without premium) and after I changed all my passwords, weird music keeps appearing.

What exactly is the problem if so many people are having the same issue and there's no way to solve it?

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?




I'm having a simliar issue. Under my RECENTLY PLAYED section, I keep getting artists/albums/playlists pop up that I've NEVER played. I double checked with my wife and she's never played them either. 


I've logged out of all my devices, changed my spotify password, but they still keep appearing. 


Question 1: Does Spotify promote certain artists, or current movie soundtracks by putting them in my RECENTLY PLAYED list? Surely not... I've noticed that Queen Greatest Hits, A Star is Born soundtrack, Frozen Soundtrack, Lady Gaga keep appearing. 


Question 2: If for instance I've been playing a Pearl Jam album, and once it's finished music from similar artists starts playing, do those artists (let's say Kings of Leon, U2 etc) appear in my recently played? I'd expect not as I never actually played them.


Here are the URIs of the random playlists:
















SPOTIFY can you please address this. If nothing else it's frustrating, but also concerning as it doens't fill me with confidence that my account is secure. 



Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?

I had to delete the playlist and artists manually, log off every device,
change password and disconnect Facebook. Haven't had an issue since.
Spotify will say your hacked, they don't seem to care.

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


Hey @mogtribe.


Thanks for your questions. We'll answer them in order:


  1. Spotify does not promote artists in your Recently Played. If you see any music which you don't recognise there, it is likely that someone else has gained access to your account. In that case, make sure to follow these steps.

  2. Any songs or artists which are generated automatically after an album or playlist ends should not appear in your Recently Played. Recently Played only shows albums/artists/playlists that you've selected to play.

Hope that clears things up! We'll be right here if you have any further questions.

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