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my recently played is full of weird stuff?


my recently played is full of weird stuff?


broken iphone 6s i use as an ipod w my hotspot on my iphone 10XR and Mac Book Pro 2017,       the problem shows up on all three devices

Operating System




my recently played keeps having random albums and artists that ive never even heard of or listened to and i dont know if ive been hacked or what because i constantly remove them from the list but new ones appear every few days,

i check offline devises and i have an old iphone that i use as an ipod cuz it has an aux port and i have this iphone and a laptop so i dont think ive been hacked i just dont understand whats happening ive changed my password too and it still happens, ive also had this problem for months and i thougth it would disapate yet it has not.


also ill be listening to a playlist with my two phones in my pocket with headphones in and all the sudden it plays a very random songs i would never even dream of listening to or even heard of


the only stuff i have ever listened to or clicked on in this list is the following, Spiderman, hiphop controller, and todays top hits. all that other stuff ive never seen in my life till i opened spotify today and i go through and delete it all then new random stuff appears the next day,  

im trying to upload photos of my recently played and its not working but i litteraly cleared it yesterday and right now there are 27/30 of the list is stuff ive never seen in my life

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 2.48.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 2.48.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 2.47.50 AM.png
97 Replies

Hi there,


Thanks for clearing up my questions - at least now I know that the only probably explanation of the random stuff appearing in my recently played is that my account has been hacked. 


After changing password month ago I'm still getting the same artists (Foo fighters, Lady Gaga etc) in my recently played lists. 


I've just done the following this evening:

  • Manually deleted EVERYTHIGN out of my recently played list (took ages)
  • Changed Spotify password again
  • Changed password to email account that is linked to Spotify
  • Disconnected Spotify from my Google home account

I don't have a facebook account and have have not connected Spotify to any other services. 


I'll see how things go and report back if Dave Grohl and Lady Gaga won't stop harassing me. 

I'm having this issue too. Its randomly following rap artists. A LOT of them, so unfollowing is a pain. I'd like to listen to the daily mix and release radar, but it wouldn't be anything in my range of tastes. I see no evidence that my account has been hacked and I've hcanged my password. Problem continues. There is no way to report a bug, but this is a bug. 

The artist being auto-followed for me are not the same as the original poster. It is always rap music, which I never listen to. It keeps following the same rap artists.

Unfortunately, deleting all the unwanted artists and songs is the only
way. Disconnect your FB account if you have it connected.

@mtnbiker8 wrote:
Unfortunately, deleting all the unwanted artists and songs is the only
way. Disconnect your FB account if you have it connected.

Hacking of Spotify accounts is becoming a phenomena. We have associates and clients whose accounts have been compromised. Our advise to them is to keep their account separate from other social networks. For those using Spotify with Hulu, use a strong password. It helps.

So all was going well for two weeks. Opened up Spotify in Windows desktop app and Android phone app and found a bunch of Spotify Playlsts in my RECENTLY PLAYED that I have never listened to...




Normally it's Foo Fighters and Lady Gaga... I haven't had these before. 


@ Spotify - are you sure Spotify doens't automatically generate these? Is there a way of finding out which devices/locations are using my account? 


Surely I don't have to reset all my passwords every two weeks?

Same problem here, had some issues months ago where people would change the songs I was listening to atm to rap. Changing passwords fixed this.

Issues came back now with spotify playing random "fake" music. that seems to be just random musical sounds or music recorded from a tv or game. I believe its just for filler.  The album art looks very convincing though, but once you skip trough them you notice its all very generic.  It really looks like someone is using my account to play random sounds and get paid. 

I broke my spotify link to facebook years ago so that shouldnt be the issue. However, spotify was still listes as an app which had acces to my spotify expired, January-2019. Which is weird because I broke that link years ago and I cannot login to spotify using Facebook myself.


Annyways here are some**bleep** URI's:  Happy banning!



















Unrooted Galaxy S9, 2x Windows 10 PC. Both recently reinstalled.


Wow good to know I'm not the only one facing this!?


I've have changed my password, and revoked access to all apps. And signed out of all devices. And its still happening!!!


Do I get a refund for this months premium subscription? Because I cant listen to my songs anymore!


Onedrive link to issue below:!AqXey0bfZOSSnLQujwmldIr_d5GwVw

Hi Spotify,


Can you PLEASE look into why I keep getting random things in my Recently Played list?


I've changed my password again, for both my Spotify account and linked email account, but I'm 100% confident that my email hasn't been hacked. I've got two factor authentication on my email, and if it really did get hacked then I'd be very surprised if the only thing the hackers did was to use my Spotify account ot listen to Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga and the Trolls soundtrack. 


You should at least be able to tell me where and when peope other than myself are accessing my account. 


Please contact me about this. 

Sorry I'm new to this(made a community account just for this issue), I can't find a comment/add post button so im replying to this. I've already reset my password, but my recently played keeps popping up this "Artomonski6-Artomonski63" playlist with a bunch of songs that have the same titles with different numbers. Please look into this playlist. 

Hmmm that’s strange. I would suggest changing your password. To do so, you go to on your computer and go to account settings. 

I've already tried resetting my password and sign out everywhere. Its still showing up random stuff on my recently played. Do I have to make a whole new account to avoid this, im really paranoid about ppl stealing my account info. Really wish they would do something to address this instead of just keep telling everyone to reset their password.




the playlist i mentioned previously 


Ive never listened to any of these artist or even know who they are. 

I agree that that is really frustrating. I just wanted to start with the solution and make sure. I believe that there is a way to delete your recently played. I know that that doesn’t exactly help with the issue, but at least it will get rid of that. This would be a lot of effort to do, but you could try making a new account and just following your old playlists from your other account so you would still have access to them. I hope this helps! 

You have to delete the songs and artists, manually and unfollow It's a
pain in the **bleep** but it will eventually work.

Being able to delte your recently played aside, if you've never played a particular song/artist/album then it should NEVER appear in your recently played - simple. 


I was on chat support to Spotify two days ago, they secured my account, changed password again (there's only so many times you can change a password to prove that it's not a password issue), but straight away more random stuff came up. 


Time for a new Spotify account. 

Spotify has a problem they don't want to admit to. Someone is getting the
money for all the extra plays.

As much as I want to make a new account I'm not sure if I want to go through with this problem if it happens again and get told to just keep resetting my password

this happening to us, this guy is racking up thousands of plays using this exploit his plays were at <1000 yesterday and now:

SPotify help just rolls out the same..change your password etc..which we have obviously all done and changed password to linked email account..checked for malware etc etc it is clearly an exploit that they cant seem to stop!

I have reached out to a bunch of tech news sites who are following up with this, might actually make Spotify sort it out...

This has been happening to me for about 3 months now and getting soooo annoying. There also seems to be little to no word from Spotify on acknowledging the problem, let alone trying to fix it.

Basically, every time I open the Spotify app on my Mac, on the "Home" screen, the section at the top "Recently played" is full of artists and songs I've never heard of let alone played. There isn't a way of removing them from this section but when going into the actual "Recently Played" section under "YOUR LIBRARY" you can right-click and select "Remove from Recently Played" which you think solves the problem but it doesn't as the recently played section on the Home screen doesn't update.


Steps I've taken:

  1. Deleted my local cache
  2. Made sure I wasn't signed into Facebook (I wasn't)
  3. Signed out of app
  4. Completely removed/deleted it from my Mac
  5. Signed in to the site and changed my password
  6. Downloaded the app
  7. Installed and signed back in
  8. Witness the still epic fail as all the random nonsense returns in the recently played section on the Home screen

Seeing as there was nothing on my Mac's local history, the recently played data must be coming from Spotify's end somewhere so not sure if it's cached on their servers or tied to users account history?

Either way, it's a problem that needs fixing. Will give it another few days of trying stuff and waiting to hear from Spotify and it nothing happens I'm off to Apple.

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