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my recently played is full of weird stuff?


my recently played is full of weird stuff?


broken iphone 6s i use as an ipod w my hotspot on my iphone 10XR and Mac Book Pro 2017,       the problem shows up on all three devices

Operating System




my recently played keeps having random albums and artists that ive never even heard of or listened to and i dont know if ive been hacked or what because i constantly remove them from the list but new ones appear every few days,

i check offline devises and i have an old iphone that i use as an ipod cuz it has an aux port and i have this iphone and a laptop so i dont think ive been hacked i just dont understand whats happening ive changed my password too and it still happens, ive also had this problem for months and i thougth it would disapate yet it has not.


also ill be listening to a playlist with my two phones in my pocket with headphones in and all the sudden it plays a very random songs i would never even dream of listening to or even heard of


the only stuff i have ever listened to or clicked on in this list is the following, Spiderman, hiphop controller, and todays top hits. all that other stuff ive never seen in my life till i opened spotify today and i go through and delete it all then new random stuff appears the next day,  

im trying to upload photos of my recently played and its not working but i litteraly cleared it yesterday and right now there are 27/30 of the list is stuff ive never seen in my life

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 2.48.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 2.48.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 2.47.50 AM.png
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Yep. Ridiculous. 


Anyway I don't think Spotify really cares about this, or there are some rogue operators inside who are facilitating it.


I've decided to stop using this account and start a new Spotify Premium account next month (seeing Justin Timberlake and Jamiroquai pop up in my Daily Mix was the straw that broke the camel's back). 


I'll report back here once I've started using it to see if the same thing happens. 

Yep, this literally just happened to me.  I have signed out of all devices, changed the password and everything.  Let's hope this doesn't happen again, because if it does I probably will not continue to use this service

This s**t has been going on for a few weeks now. I don't use my account that much, so didn't notice anything until recently. This morning I woke up and noticed that my phone was running spotify on background with some weird never-heard-before-artist. Luckily I had muted the phone for the night. Checked recently played list and everyone in this pic I've never listened or even heard of:

It's really annoying and frankly I'm just about ready to skip this whole online streaming bulls**t and go back to CDs.

Here's the artist link from my "followed" list that I've never followed:

Recently played (not by me though):


Please Spotify, fix this issue. I see from this thread that the problem has existed at least seven months. Can't you follow up on these, demonetize the accounts that keep peddling this **bleep**, block/delete their accounts, give their account information to police etc? This is obviously a scam and they are clearly ripping you off while annoying your userbase.

More on this same problem. I seem to have a bunch of Brasil-themed playlists. From this picture, only three are created by me: Auto, Skálmöld and sitä sun tätä. All others have just appeared at some point.


I came to the community page just because I had the same issue crop up. I don't use spotify much so I dont know how long those have been there, but nearly all the Brazil themed playlists in the previous post were showing up in my recently played too.

This has happened to me three or four times, honestly thought maybe it was some how popping up someone in my family plan. I asked them about it and no one knew the music thay had been showing up on my recently played. Second time I thought maybe it happend in my pocket and some how I didnt hear it? I don't know. But here we are. My husband said I should probably check the community pages and I feel a bit relieved that I'm not crazy, but **bleep** it fix this problem. 

Heres my examples because it happened again. First is stuff I dont know second is stuff I do. I've logged in and out several times.Three I don't know and would'nt.Three I don't know and would'nt.


The things I do.The things I do.


THIS TIME THERE WAS 10 SONGS I DID NOT PLAY MYSELF, AND AT 4 AM. I have logged out of my account everywhere several times. Changed my password and I'm sick of it. 




Are people still experiencing this bug? 

I recently got this myself. Playlist and songs I've not played before showing up in my "recently played"-list. 

I saw posts were the same lists showed for different users. Does anyone got the same lists as me?


Recently played error.png

To the Spotify-people: For some reason you have removed the ability to delete "recently played"-lists. Can you atleast enable this option again so that we can delete these wrongly played lists? 


Many thanks!




I am also experiencing this and have been for the last week. Really weird seeing random one song albums appearing in my Recently Played.


Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 21.30.54.png


I have reset my password as I'm concerned someone has got into my account. Hoping it's just a bug, but for sure wish it would stop!


Hey, paigezobo !

I had a chat with the Spotify-people and they secured my account and cleansed it.

You can start a chat with them here:


My "recently played" is back to normal now. I'll come back here if something changes.

We also found a way to remove recently played songs, but this only work on the desktop app.


Hi, PremiumPirate!
If you read my post it says that my issue was resolved.

Have you experienced these problems aswell? Did you try chatting with them?
Why not atleast try another music-service.
Suggesting to pirating isn't the way to go.

I read somewhere(I don't recall where, I've spent much of the afernoon researching this issue) that disconnecting your Spotify account from your Facebook account resolved the issue for one poster. I've done this, but time will tell if it works or not.


That said, this is clearly a systemic issue. This isn't about one person's account being hacked, or people needing to change their password. There is something wrong with how Spotify records, stores, and/or compiles these 'Recently Played' lists. 


To put is another: Spotify, buddy.... you are PAYING people money for plays they didn't get. They are STEALING YOUR MONEY. 


I feel like, perhaps, that will drive home what's really happening here. And, if that's not enough, they're driving away paying customers, which is yet more money lost.

I'm having the same issues and I've reset my password and signed out of everywhere. Every single song has the same stock art album cover and text slapped on. It's bizarre.













im facing the same problem too! never had this until i logged in via my laptop.

Please help!

Update since I first complained about this issue. It's been a few weeks since my last password and log out of all devices, the fifth try since this started, and I haven't noticed this problem since. Will update if happens again.

yeah i have also changed my PW and logged out of all devices. still gotta monitor... 



Same happening here. Changed my password, logged out of everything (including FB) - and it is still happening! I get we can delete the playlists from "recently played" but the random **bleep** pops up on my home page and under recent artists...can't delete it from there.


What is happening. I pay $15 a month for this and this is what we are getting? Some rando **bleep**.

I’m done with Spotify. These constant responses telling me to reset my password. I’ve done it 6 times and they still repeat the same nonsense. 

cancelling today and off to Apple. Jokers. 

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