my recently played is full of weird stuff?


Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


That happened to me a few hours ago too.  Same issue described. 

Honestly I am pretty sure my account was compromised : I use Spotify with an iPhone and while connecting my Bluetooth headphones I was notified the current source was Google Chrome web player. Another source was a Sony television. To me it is obvious someone was using my Spotify account through Google Chrome on a computer. 

Anyway I reset my password (actually a very simple one, only lower case letters) and my email password too. 

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?

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Hey there, 


We understand your concerns, and can assure you we're still investigating this. You'll be the first to know as soon as we have updates.  


@Stef31 please make sure to go through all the steps provided here on how to secure your account. Make sure to go through all the steps as there's important info there.


The above also goes for those who believe they have had their account compromised.



Betreff: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


I reported the same issue here .

I'm also pretty sure that this is not a account / password related thing but I received the same advice. I did also see some of the same tracks and lists that were reported here (is anyone listening to them regularly at all?).

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


this has been happening for a couple of weeks now. i have the same problem as people above mentioned so im gona cut the **bleep** and just put the URI of all these weird playlists that's been appearing in my Recently Played. i really hope this get sorted out real soon because it's honestly **bleep**ing annoying.






Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


I've got the same thing, even after resetting my password to a completely different one!
one time, even the music stopped and another song started that was not on the playlist that i was playing at that moment!!

When i started my playlist again, after a minute it did the same thing again

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


I'm having the same issue. Spotify starts playing hip-hop song randomly. I've shut it down and it will start up on it's own.  Or, interrupt a song while playing another. I've seen numerous posts about this issue. The resets and clearing the cache and reinstalled work for a little bit but the problem comes back. Seems like you have a bug in your software. This is not what I'm paying for and needs to be addressed 

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


It is happening to me too.

My recent playlist which is Top 2018 has random music I have never played or known.


I hope this gets fixed ASAP. All I have now is listening to Jurassic Park theme on my "Top 2018".

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


Hi! I've been dealing with the same issue for couple days now. Everytime I opened up spotify, my account wasn't logged in and when I logged in and started to listen some music, it abruptly changed to a weird song. Sometimes the song didn't change while i was listening but on the next time when I logged in, the last song that was played was a song from the band below.

Only artist that was played on my spotify by someone else was "ClockedOutBoyz". I did some research on them and their "songs" appeared to spotify and everywhere else 11.01.2019 and they've gotten 30 000 plays on spotify even though you can't find any information of them on the internet. I googled the name and got links to shady russian sites. On youtube they've got like 5 views per each song. And by the way the songs sound like mobile phone's ringtones.


Something doesn't add up. I'm thinking that this might be somekind of a scam. 

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?

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Doubt this is related, what was paying for me is somewhat known. So far I
haven't had any issue after removing Facebook permissions.

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?

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Not actually related, but still something weird happens:

Spotify confirms several mysterious, non-existent artists racked up thousands of listens on hijacked playlists