my recently played is full of weird stuff?


Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


I've also experienced this the last couple of weeks.

It would be good if there was some kind of log that showed where my account was used the last couple of hours/days or something like that.

I don't think that somebody else got access to my account, but I've logged out everywhere and changed password, will keep an eye out if it seems to be fixed.


Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?

Casual Listener

It’s definitely not external access to my account. I’ve logged out of everything and changed the password half a dozen times. Keeps happening. 

ive already cancelled mine. I’m tired of Spotify’s stock standard response


”hi so sorry to hear about this. Have you tried logging out and resetting your password”



Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?

Be sure to check to make sure you've logged out of all other 3rd party apps.

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


Adding onto the list of complaints regarding this issue, I too am getting weird songs recently played, liked, and following no name DJs. For example:


I’m about to switch to Apple if you guys don’t fix this. Asking us to repeatedly change passwords, create a new account, or sign out everywhere is not a solution. 

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


The same thing just happened to me for the first time today. Opened Spotify on my computer and I have two artists and two playlists that I've never heard of in my recently played.


The artists are,

Sugar Sugar Daddy



And the playlists are,

unique songs by HrBronschier

HEAT by Mannsmein


I went ahead and logged out everywhere and changed my passwords just in case. There were no unknown devices connected to my account though, all ones I've used.

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


This may have already been suggested as a cause, if not, I believe this issue is deliberate & partly due to Spotify's defaulting to "auto play", which is auto enabled at install and during any update, where Spotify will then start playing whatever the **bleep** it wants, highly sponsored and promoted, skewing stats & boosting revenues. **bleep** dumped onto our playlists/history, and near impossible to delete. All by design so Spotify can overstate play totals to artists and promote their greedy agenda.  Spotify is the most overrated, over promoted, sneaky BS service out there. every reinstall, install, or update I must go back in settings and change to not autoplay somehow it often persists. my case, more annoying as Alexa keeps misinterpreting commands and playing crappy songs that I would never ever choose, then added to my list causing Spotify to add/suggest more songs I would never ever listen to. This whole agenda and NO REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE" beyond canned emails or twitter where you are offered the same "solutions".. required to set up a login to Facebook or twitter to even contact? unbelievable!  Usual response is reset your password logs you out  of all devices then forced to create another "unique" password. Sometimes they do this without even asking under guise of security measure, though what it really is ... they have no real resolution because they don't care about our issues.  Bogus self serve DIY "community" only choice offered, no real contact  option...and ridiculous ego-boosted "RockStars" duped into feeling important and expert in community, where ideas are scattered in so many categories they can never gain enough momentum to actually be implemented. All benefit only Spotify's income.  What a piece of **bleep** and huge disappointment. 

Not even basic music management features.  

deliberate and disguised to look like they give a **bleep** about their paying customers. they only offer single-user or family plans nothing in between totally sucks. I'm sure this will be deleted 

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


same **bleep** here, i see**bleep** has been reported since 2016 but no fix.
I've done the same as everyone else, logged out of everything, changed passwords, i dont facebook so thats not the issue. I only listen to rock and metal so there is no way the algorithms could put this **bleep** up for me. Ive also had frequent issues**bleep** like this autoplaying, random connections to other devices despite turning off what i can.

Im on Win10 and Android.

spotify bs.jpg

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


I’ve had the same problem except for the part about it playing the songs.


The songs showed up in my “most played” about half a year ago and I was a little surprised but nothing more. However recently when I checked my top songs of 2019 number two and four are from some Swedish artist named Ozzy that I don’t recognize.


I’ve logged out and reset my password and I doubt someone who has hacked me would listen to the same two songs over and over so much that it appears in my top 5 without me noticing anything else wrong.


Something strange I noticed while looking through the comments was that quite a few people said they had an IPhone 6, I recently upgraded but when this started happening I had a 6.

Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


Yes. Beyond frustrating. Now Alexa often misunderstands and plays/adds songs I would never listen to, and they remain on recently played list on Android. When I finally chatted with rep, was told to log in on my PC to remove from recently played list.. WT?!  Must use a PC?! Of course couldn't remove that way either. 

Autoplay is default enabled when installed and sometimes after updates. So we believe music will stop when your playlist ends, but it continues  adding unwanted **bleep** as long as you are connected to internet.

Even with autoplay off, Spotify will auto add titles to short playlists. Again, WT?! No thank you.

Not a hacker, not algorithms, it's Autoplay! Spotify's sneaky, invasive marketing & revenue tool.

Appears Spotify is only interested in ADDING songs, no deleting or customer support allowed. 



Re: my recently played is full of weird stuff?


Culprit may be Autoplay.  If you recently installed added. reinstalled or maybe updated Spotify on any device, Autoplay is enabled by default and will keep running and adding songs after your playlist is done and you may not realize, if you are busy, fell asleep. removed headphones or walked away, etc.

Unless you pause or stop your playlist or realize and turn off Autoplay in settings, Spotify would likely run until app is closed, internet is disconnected or device powered off. Often Spotify autostarts on PC and is running in background on most devices, though you may not be actively playing/listening. 

If you pause or stop playback, autoplay should not be adding anything.

Spotify will also sneaky add "suggested" items to short playlists without you noticing. Really annoying and intrusive when you deliberately setup a short sleep playlist and bs is added without even a prompt