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pornograhic content - podcast in main feed

pornograhic content - podcast in main feed





Operating System

Android 10


My Issue

After a struggle on reporting an unwanted section on my main feed, now i have encountered another rogue change made my spotify. I first realized the podcast suggestions are moved to the 2nd order from top on the main feed, however i get by that because there has been good podcast suggestions (note, i rarely listen to podcasts)

However, since yesterday a strange suggestion has appeared on my podcast suggestions (note, not when i open the podcasts, but directly on the main page, seen first when i open the app)

The problem is, i neither listened to any sexual content on podcasts, nor an ASMR stuff.

Then anybody care to explain why this appears on my 'episodes' section of main feed, moreover i can not discard and ignore it?

Dear spotify why did you take our rights to ignore certain artists,playlists and podcasts and to discard it from main feed?

PS: i am well aware i can get rid of this by turning explicit content off, however i don't want to get rid of explicit content, i am fine with it,i have problem with the openly sexual ones


Best regards, and i really started to feel fed up with issues i am facing on spotify, the things i don't want appear on main feed and i can not do anything against it, the UI changes radically in an unpleasant way with a floating-like player, please pay attention how recent ratings in Play Store are usually getting one star.
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Hi there @ismailkahraman,

Thanks for the post.


Recommended content such as playlists, albums and podcast shows is automatically generated based on what you listen to and what is most popular with other users who listen to similar content. 


There is no way to manually set up what recommendations you'll get.


Note that if your account is logged in on a device, such as a home speaker and multiple users have access to it, their music/ podcast choices will influence the algorithm on your account.


You are always welcome to submit and vote on ideas that would improve your user experience with the app.


Hope you find this information useful.

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1st. I have already emphasized in my post, i haven't listened to any podcast on ASMR related stuff or anything sexual, moreover i rarely listen to the podcasts and those are limited to my local language or some unrelated stuff (I can post the other suggestions in the episodes section, it is all casual there is nothing like that one)


2nd. No, it is only me who is using this phone and account, i am open to all means of investigation if Spotify can do, i would like to reach my podcast listening history so that i can publish it here and proof the matter 1 that i haven't listened anything so that this stuff will appear on my main feed.


3rd. I am assured this is purely an advertisement attempt. Spotify keeps pushing some playlists or podcasts up so that it attracts people toward there. Unfortunately this is the end,and time to move from Spotify after nearly 4 or 5 years. Thanks for the ride.

After contacting several friends of mine, some from the same country, some from abroad, we have found a majority of us got Amouranth's podcast right in the second place in episodes suggestions.

Among my friends there are people who has not listened to a podcast ever for once on the spotify.

So please, can anyone explain how this is not a deliberately placed advertisement?

I have the same issue with ismailkahraman. 

I never listen to weird and sexual asmr. 

If only spotify allow us to remove this content from our account. (block or something)

I have the same issue with sir ismailkahraman. 

I never listen to weird and sexual asmr but it's appear on my feed. 

It would be nice if spotify make the button to close "episodes for you" or allow us to remove this content (content block or user block).

Once again i have pornographic content on "my episodes" section. Fun fact, i am not even listening to podcasts at all. This one is definitely a promotion or advertisement for "fun_with_elcin" author.


And as if my episodes section was not occupying enough space, now it occupies even more with descriptions. Thanks for considering your subscribers Spotify.  I need to scroll down a few pages just to find something to listen.

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