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"Adventures in Modern Recording" no longer available

"Adventures in Modern Recording" no longer available

The album "Adventures in Modern Recording" by the Buggles is no longer available on Spotify. Does anyone know why? Could someone on Twitter (politely) ask Trevor Horn if he decided to take it down and why? It's not on iTunes or Amazon either.

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Hey @AnonAnonymous42,


Spotify would love to have all the world’s music available to everyone. However, some artists and tracks aren't currently available.

I'd recommend reading this article for more info.

Hope this helps!

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I recently contacted Trevor Horn on Twitter about this issue. I'll be sure to update when I get a response.

Love to hear about it. The Buggles only made 2 albums, why keep the 1st and throw away the 2nd? It does not make any sense.

Plus, I think Adventures in MR is even better than the first one!

Still not available as of August 2023. The album and its tracks appear on Spotify but only 'I am a Camera' & its 12" version are playable. Kind of annoying as it's such a great album and although it did little business in the UK, it was moderately successful elsewhere, including America where it made #161 on the Billboard chart.


I paid a fortune for the Japanese CD back in the day because it hadn't been given a European issue. Seems it's just one of those elusive albums. 

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