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"Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" error in 2023

"Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" error in 2023

As of version and the version prior to that has caused the lyrics from my personal playlist in my device 'Samsung-SMJ250F' to disappear, at first I thought it was brcause the songs were old but way older songs still had lyrics
The playlist is a private playlist featuring all songs of 'DragonForce'
and after the update none of the songs had lyrics.

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Hey folks,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community.


Please note that the availability of the Lyrics feature and the lyrics themselves can vary over time, as well as between markets, and depending on the agreements we have in place with our rights holders. We add new content to Spotify every day, so if you can’t find something right now, it may appear (or reappear) soon.


We hope this helps!



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real me to man.

Are they a premium feature now? Why do some songs still have them, and why did it not happen to my other Free Plan friends? 

Really it's very annoying

there are many popular songs that use to have lyrics earlier but no longer available so why and please bring them back

Hope lyrics got back soon   there are too oo much songs in my playlist whose lyrics are not available pls fix this soon ☺️

It's been 5 months. 💀


About that... i actually check musixmatch and the lyrics for the songs that have these errors are in the app but just doesnt work on spotify itself. I didnt have this issue until 2 or 3 months ago. Lyrics just started getting this error one by one. Every artist i look up, 6 out of 10 songs dont have lyrics and its bugging me. One of the songs i check on musixmatch was agora hills by doja cat. It was there in the app but didnt show on spotify.

I've had this same problem for a good while, at first I thought it was my device but I have the same problem on the desktop app, and it's really annoying that some songs have lyrics and some don't, I remember all of these songs had lyrics before but now they're gone?? I usually check musicxmatch to make sure the lyrics are there but they doesn't show on the spotify app and this really bothers me, and I know that this happened to A LOT of songs but I can remember some albums with this problem: reputation by taylor swift, midnights by taylor swift, wiped out! by the neighbourhood, hard to imagine ever changing by the neighbourhood, pure heroine by lorde, and im aware that I missed so much more but I can't think of anything more, I don't know if the simple feature of seeing lyrics is a premium feature now? If not I really hope this problem gets fixed soon (sorry for bad english, english is not my first language)




Yeah I've been wondering for the last several months why lyrics aren't available for most songs I listen to anymore. I was starting to chalk it up to being a free listener and not a subscriber. Is this not the case then and just an issue with the Spotify and musixmatch? 

Is there any reason to most tyler the creator songs not having lyrics 

This is a rather lame explanation, especially because the lyrics to all my songs used to be available and now, NONE of them are !! For me, this change occurred after an iOS update was installed. Is that true for anyone else? It’s terribly annoying and it makes me want to drop Spotify and use a different music service. They’d better fix this problem or I think they’ll lose a LOT of customers. 







iPhone 6


My Question or Issue

I have seen an old post about lyrics not loading before and I was said that this problem was resolved yet this is still an issue. I have noticed that on other versions this is not a problem, it seems that only mobile has this issue. Is there something I am supposed to be doing?

my friends can see the lyrics but i can.I can only see them in very little songs

I love listening to Taylor Swift, but all the lyrics are gone, like many of the rest of you. I would love to have them back. I updated Spotify today, and the lyrics were gone. Then, they were back on the same song where they had been gone. When it went to the next song, they were gone again.


i listen to music 24/7, always listening to new music and wanting to learn the lyrics. so you can see why it is highly irritating when MOST songs say “couldn't load the lyrics for this song”. i’ve uninstalled the app, i’ve logged out, i’ve deleted downloads, i’ve cleared the cache, i’ve even made more storage available on my phone in case it wasn’t a spotify issue. news flash it is. i genuinely miss being able to see lyrics for every single song (except for the songs that never had lyrics to begin with which is understandable bc there’s loads of songs & less popular artists). i once cleared the cache and logged out and it worked for two songs and went right back to the couldn’t load **bleep**. and when it shows the “couldn’t load lyrics for this song” i KNOW the lyrics were there for that song before this started happening. also it’s not every single song, sometimes it’s selective but it is usually almost every single song and this never ever happened to me before the new updates had started. i don’t mean to sound rude but this has been going on for awhile and it’s just annoying. it would definitely be highly appreciated if spotify could fix this issue.





When this will be resolved??







 Realme c53

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

This problem is the same on pc and phone i tried reinstalling it didint work but one time an admin gave me another account and the lyrics worked ,i tried creating another account and it didint work help


Some songs have lyrics but 70% don't


hi there, ive just noticed that a few months ago almost every song had lyrics to them, but recently the lyrics just come up as unavailable, i was just wondering if you could bring them back. thank you 🙂

Hola buenas tardes, últimamente tengo el problema de que no me aparecen las letras de algunas canciones me aparece un mensaje que dice " no fue posible cargar la letra de esta canción" y de verdad es un problema para mí, ya que en otros dispositivos si carga. 

PD: tengo la última actualización de Spotify.

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